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On this page, you will find articles and letters written by advocacy liaisons in order to update members on current legislative, advocacy, or education issues that need members’ attention.

Day 3 is TESOL’s Day of Action in the

2021 TESOL Policy and Advocacy Summit

As SSTESOL representatives to the Summit, Andrea and I are busy writing letters to Florida House of Representatives and Senators on different TESOL Legislative Priorities through the TESOL Advocacy Action Center. It is a free resource for all advocates, TESOL members, and non-members alike.

Some issues and policy areas that TESOL strongly supports include sufficient and effective funding for federal programs serving all English learners, improved professional development and career pathways as well as fair immigration policies that do nor discriminate or favor individuals based on country of origin, English language skills, education level, religion, race, or sexual orientation and seek to promote welcoming environments within school and communities.

We suggest you check out the TESOL Advocacy Action Center and start taking action now to advance TESOL’s issues in Congress. Thank you in advance for your advocacy efforts. If you need assistance and if you have questions, please feel free to contact SSTESOL’s Advocacy team at

By: Arlene Costello, Ed.D. and Andrea Lypka, Ph.D., SSTESOL representatives to the 2021 TESOL Policy and Advocacy Summit



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