Thursday 28th (evening), Friday 29th (all Day) + Saturday 30th (all day), October, 2021

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What do we mean by RECONNECTING?

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020/2021 witnessed a re-orientation of how educators and students alike engaged in their work. Self-quarantine, online instruction and home-based virtual education saw many of us sheltered in our houses without the familiar routines of person-to-person contact and face-to-face social interaction. Our mental health suffered and we were anxious.

Though there are stories of resilience, growth, passion and survival too be heard and as we slowly emerge from the pandemic and as we return to our well-trodden professional and traditional work routines, SSTESOL wants to celebrate and RECONNECT.

The 2021 SSTESOL annual state conference is all about reconnecting with each other professionally and socially. Issues about diversity, social-emotional learning, justice, awareness, interaction, inclusion, equity, race, critical learning, health, multilingualism, access, technology, translanguaging among others need to be revisited and brought to the fore in light of the past year.

What have we learned? How do we move forward? How do we renew and reconnect? What does that mean? SSTESOL 2021.

Hybrid Conference

The safety of our SSTESOL members and the whole Florida ESOL community is our first priority. Consequently, building on the extreme success of our 1st ever 2020 virtual annual conference, we are going HYBRID for our 2021 annual conference.

Our conference theme is RECONNECTING.

We are already working with the conference hotel to organize good social distancing and hygiene practices. However, we know some of our members may still be reticent to attend a professional gathering in a F2F capacity. Therefore, our 2021 annual conference will be available virtually as well as in-person. We are excited about organizing our very first HYBRID conference.

Our conference will start on Thursday evening 28th October (registration only) and presentations will be all day on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October. The various deadlines are:

• registration opens April 10, 2021
• presentation proposal submission is
July 31, 2021
• acceptance answers August 31, 2021
• applications for awards due
September 15, 2021
• early bird registration ends on September 30, 2021

Start saving for your registration and hotel accommodation. Registration fees and hotel prices are very affordable. To take advantage of all features of the 2021 SSTESOL’s annual conference, go
in-person; in is way, you have access to all presentations, all recordings, all activities, and all events. Virtual attendees have access to targeted streamed/live online presentations only.

Our conference hotel this year is the Westshore Grand Hotel in Tampa. To book your hotel room with the SSTESOL room price click here.

Registration fees are -
In-Person Conference Attendance (F2F):
$150 (early bird $130)
$180 (early bird $160)
Preservice Teacher
Exhibitor: Platinum ($1,000), Gold ($700), Silver ($500), Bronze ($400)
Early Bird (member)
Early Bird (non/m)

Virtual Conference Attendance (2 days):
$120 (early bird $110)
$140 (early bird $130)
Preservice Teacher $10

Virtual Conference Attendance (1 day):
$80 (early bird $70)
$100 (early bird $90)
Preservice Teacher $10

Application for Awards and scholarship opportunities will begin in May 2021 and are due on or before September 15. Exhibitors and sponsors are important constituents of the conference. We welcome your support and participation. For questions, please contact SSTESOL Conference Team at




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