Duties of Directors (as outlined in SSTESOL Constitution & By-Laws (ratified 5/15/2022):

§10 p.4: The six elected Directors shall serve as Regional Membership Development and Outreach Coordinators (MDOC) of SSTESOL Regions and as Chairperson on one of the standing committees. As MDOCs, duties and responsibilities include
● Organize, pilot, and manage MDOC initiative programs.
● Support, organize and participate in the recognition event for first-time attendees to the annual conference.
● Reach out to local chapters, school districts, and higher education institutions to increase membership and organizational engagement.
● Communicate opportunities that arise for possible partnerships.
● Provide support and give input/feedback to on SSTESOL’s organizational development efforts such as reviewing of SSTESOL membership model and benefits, planning for recruitment and retention campaigns, and administering surveys about member satisfaction and engagement.
● Recommend specific plans, programs and activities to enhance member experience.
●Provide quarterly updates to the Board of Directors

REGIONAL directors and Committee Chairs


Dr. Amany Habib (outgoing - last day in office 6/30/22)

Professional Development and Research

Dr. Amany Habib teaches ESOL and diversity courses for preservice teachers in the Teacher Education and Educational Leadership Department at the University of West Florida (UWF). Amany’s education and training are in TESOL as well as adult education with a research agenda that focuses primarily on teacher education, refugees (SLIFE), crosscultural/intercultural communication, and teaching English to adult ELs.  She developed and taught a number of courses both at the graduate and undergraduate levels for teacher preparation. She is also an editorial reviewer for an international journal (International Journal of Teacher Education and Professional Development – IGI Global) as well as WERA. Amany has been a member of the Emerald Coast TESOL Chapter serving the Florida Panhandle and south Alabama since 2001.


Scott Neyman (outgoing - last day in office 6/30/22)

Membership Growth and Development

Scott Neyman is part of the English Language Development program at IMG Academy.  He holds an MAT in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from the University of Southern California, and a BA in journalism from Fresno State University.  Scott has taught ELL students from K-12 to the collegiate level. His current research interests are on hemispherical learning, and developing appropriate close reading strategies for ELL students.  His recent work includes multiple conference presentations on hemispherical learning, and building sociocultural approaches into the classroom. Scott enjoys finding creative and engaging ways to help students grow their English language skills, as well as helping teachers develop sound practices for student success.  


Dr. Edwidge Bryant

Membership Growth and Development, Chair 

Dr. Edwidge Crevecoeur Bryant is an Associate Professor and ESOL Coordinator at Flagler College. She has an EdD in Applied Linguistics with an emphasis in Bilingual/Bicultural Education and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University. She earned a B.S. in Bilingual Education with an emphasis in Haitian Kreyòl and English, from CUNY. She coauthored two books: Educating English Learners: What every classroom teacher needs to know and Show, Tell, Build: 20 Key Instructional Tools and Techniques for English Learners. She is a member of NEF TESOL and serves as Past President of Florida Association for Bilingual Education. Dr. Crevecoeur Bryant is the General Director of OAKA (Oganizasyon Agrikilti Kominote AlfaTeknik/Haiti) (Organization, Agriculture, Community and Literacy). She regularly presents on Haitian history, language, and culture. Dr. Crevecoeur Bryant advocates for the maintenance of and respect for the native language of multilingual learners as they strengthen their English skills.


Pamela Jo Wilson

Adult Education Liaison and Professional Development

Life-long learner Pamela Jo Wilson fell in love with teaching adult ESOL after the 2008 economic crash forced her to seek a second part-time job to support her single-parent home and she landed a job as an adult education ESOL teacher for the School District of Palm Beach County. She has been committed to the field for over a decade. In 2018, ACE of Florida awarded Pamela Jo  “Instructional Support Staff of the Year” in recognition of her contribution to adult ESOL education for her local agency and on FL state committees and projects. 

Ms. Wilson, a CASAS Certified National Trainer, and ACE of Florida State Trainer has served as president of PBTESOL. Further, Pamela Jo promotes soft skills and leadership development as a certified DISC trainer and annual host of the John Maxwell Co. Live2Lead simulcast through Theo & Charles Learning. She loves God, her two boys, and facilitating growth.


Ms. Firoza Rasul (outgoing - last day in office 6/30/22)

Sponsors and Donors Committee, Chair

I am a mother, wife, grandma and a passionate educator. I love to empower and inspire other individuals. I have been an advocate to uplift and support people through their life journey. I have an M.A. in English Literature and Language from the University of Dhaka. I work in the Adult Education Department in the School District of Palm Beach County, which is the 10th largest school district in the nation. I also adjunct teach Intensive Grammar to English Learners at Palm Beach State College. I am involved with many multicultural and social nonprofit organizations as well as charity-based educational institutions. My current professional development includes mindfulness in technology learning, grammar teaching, teaching English Learners through Technology and heritage language maintenance.


Dr. Raydel Hernandez

Technology Support and Design

Dr. Raydel Hernandez has distinguished himself in different educational settings that include K-12 and Higher Education as a teacher, researcher, and leader. He is the current President of Miami Dade TESOL and Bilingual Education. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics with an emphasis in Education. He has presented in TESOL Regional Conferences as well as International Conferences in Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, England and Canada. His research interests include Applied Linguistics, Communicative Language Teaching and Bilingual Education.




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