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SSTESOL has established a publishing arm called Sunshine TESOL PRESS.

In SSTESOL PRESS' 2nd e-book publication, we want to celebrate the amazing stories of resilience, passion, growth and successes that Florida's ESOL educators experienced during the 2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic.

SURVIVING THE PANDEMIC, LEARNING TO MOVE FORWARD will be a book of short stories written by ESOL educators and administrators alike.

Book launch at the 2023 conference in October!

SSTESOL's Foundation Publication


SSTESOL Press' mission is to provide a comprehensive collection of materials that support English Language Learners in Florida, and to highlight excellence in the field of English language teaching through a full range of publications.

Products will be offered in electronic formats only and can be purchased through our SSTESOL site. Discounts are offered to SSTESOL members.


To highlight, promote and celebrate the work of ESOL professionals in Florida.

To provide ESOL professionals a platform to share research, instructional practices and educational resources.

To publish Florida-related accomplishments and best-practices in and for K-adult ESOL education.


If you have an idea for a book, a text, or any sort of publishable idea; send it in and let’s review it!

Please download the attached form for guidance and more explanation. 

Press Guidebook


Are you an SSTESOL member interested in sitting on the SSTESOL editorial board? 

We are always looking for members to join the  editorial board. Please submit your expression of interest and your attached curriculum vitae (CV) to the SSTESOL Editor via email



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