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Surviving the Pandemic

Inspirational Stories of Resilience, Passion, Growth & Success of the Florida
ESOL Teaching Community

Learning to Move Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic and everything it entailed brought out the best in teachers. SSTESOL Press’ 2nd e-book publication is meant to capture the heroic efforts represented in all the great as well as small things our ESOL community did to survive, to grow and to continue to assist English Language Learners in Florida.

This is a call out to you all to please share and memorialize your story!

We are looking for stories of up to 3 pages in length, or a video of up to 5 minutes in length.

 The following are merely question prompts to help you reflect and remember a story of your past year; a success – however small where you made a difference for you, your ELLs, the families of your ELLs, your school, your colleagues, and/or your community.

  • How did you make sure your ELLs succeeded during the pandemic?
  • Was there any event during the pandemic that happened to you that you are proud of?
  • Was there something you did that could be an inspiration to all of us?
  • What were your successes during the pandemic?
  • How were you resilient during the pandemic?
  • What lessons did you learn or experience during COVID-19 that helped you grow as a teacher?
  • How did you successfully adapt as an educator during COVID-19? What did you do and what can your colleagues learn from you COVID-19?
  • In what ways were you a hero? What story can you tell that exemplifies this?
  • Did your ELLs do amazing things? What stories from the classroom can you share to inspire us all?

This publication will also be multilingual. If English is not your 1st language and you feel more comfortable writing or speaking in (if your submission is a video) your 1st language – that is fine! We will accept stories in all the languages of our ELLs!

Submission Deadline: Dec. 2022

Submission Guidelines:

Written Submission

Video Submission

up to 3 pages, single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font, 1 inch page margins

File type:
Microsoft word document

English, Spanish, Haitian Creole or other spoken by the ELL community

if required – APA 7th edition



Submission Template for Written Story: click here


up to 5 minutes

File Type:
.mp4, .mov

English, Spanish, Haitian Creole or other spoken by the ELL community

be natural, record in a quiet setting, as a background – classroom, home office, living room

Submission Template for 1 paragraph synopsis of video submission: click here


When ready to submit, click on this link to drag and drop into SSTESOL Press’ google drive: CLICK HERE
You can email your submission to In the subject header please type "Book Submission" and attach your files - see below.

When saving your word document and or video file, add your NAME and whether you are submitting 1 or two files. For example:

For a Written chapter submission:
Your name: JOHNSMITH file 1 chapter

For a video submission
Your name:
JOHNSMITH file 1 written paragraph
Your name:
JOHNSMITH file 2 video



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