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The Sunshine State TESOL (SSTESOL) Advocacy E-Forum and mailing list are supplements to the efforts of the SSTESOL Standing Committee on Advocacy.  The purpose of the Advocacy committee is to inform the SSTESOL members of critical English language issues at all educational levels within Florida and to coordinate the organization’s efforts for educational reform.

SSTESOL encourages educators, policymakers, parents, students and the general public to participate in discussion on the listserv.  While individual postings do not always reflect the viewpoints of the organization, the listserv is a means by which anyone interested in the improvement of education for bilingual students and/or English language learners, can interact in order to seek information, offer expertise, or to express personal opinions and experiences.  Many participants on the listserv offer current and well-researched information regarding pending legislation or instructional research that strengthens advocacy efforts of participants. The listserv is also a source of relevant articles posted from other sites by participants.  Likewise, posting a question on the listserv frequently initiates a resourceful response.

How to join the SSTESOL Listserv:

Send a blank email to

Write “SST” in the subject line



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